3146 Sandra Silvers, Catherine Sterling & Ami Mercury

26:36 video

November 2, 2023
Tantalised Trio Tape Tying Together for a Group-Grope, Girl-Girl Bondage, Sensual Struggling, Gagged Kissing & Caressing! A Custom Video!

Reporter Catherine is so eager to interview bondage model Sandra! Walking into the room, Catherine notes the newspapers strewn about, delighted that Sandra seems to have been researching her as well. The interview begins as Catherine asks questions, soon inquiring what it feels like when Sandra gets tied up.
Sandra decides to show her instead...

Duct taping Catherine’s ankles to start, she continues to answer Catherine’s questions. Catherine asks what would happen next in a bondage scenario following her ankle ties. Sandra decides she should just get the full experience and shoves a piece of Catherine’s own newspaper in her mouth before wrapping it tightly with clear duct tape! After all, “No bondage works without a gag”! Catherine is compliant, clearly enjoying such a new experience. Next, Sandra decides she should duct tape Catherine’s wrists behind back, over and under her breasts, a little more tape on her legs, and then even over her pencil skirt! After all, Sandra, “Can’t have Catherine running off on her.” Catherine enjoys the entire process, murmuring appreciatively from behind her gag. Now nice and tied, Sandra admits Catherine is really pretty - and it’s actually why she agreed to interview! Kissing Catherine over her clear tape gag, Sandra is sensually running her hands over Catherine’s body…when Ami walks in! Sandra is startled at being caught. Sandra stammers  but Ami simply has no patience for her excuses. Ami has to punish her and begins by shoving a wad of newspaper in Sandra’s mouth, before using clear tape to seal it in. Soon, Sandra has the same treatment she gave to Catherine done to her! Ami ties her ankles, thighs, over her chest, and then her wrists behind her back. Sandra struggles sensually, secured. Ami is so turned on that she decides to tie herself up too! Sandra and Catherine look like they’re having so much fun bound and they look so damn hot! She wads a piece of newspaper into her own mouth, seals it with tape, then begins to tape the rest of her body up with the help of the duct taped duo. Soon Ami is seated and struggling with Sandra and Catherine! With that finished, the trio feel up one another’s bound bodies, kissing through the clear tape gag as they enjoy the new experience with growing excitement….

BONUS Behind the Scenes: Watch as Catherine removes her wrap around gag, followed by Ami removing hers, and finally Catherine! The girls ungag themselves one by one with giant grins after.

FEATURES: Clear Tape, Tape Gag, Mouth Stuffing, Self Bondage, Newspaper, Triple Damsel, Satin Blouse, Secretary, Pantyhose Feet, Nylon Soles, BTS Ungagging, Lesbian Domination, MILF Domination

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