3149 Jackie Christianson

8:57 video

November 8, 2023
A special guest video from www.JackieBound.com, the super-fun site of Jackie Christianson!

" It's a bright sunshiny spring day! What better way to celebrate than get hogtied wearing my first latex dress? You didn't think I there was any alternative, did you? Anyway, I put on my yellow latex piece with black fishnet stockings and vinyl boots, sans panties; and let Johnny decide what to do with me next. In a fetishy rush, he plops me up on the granite counter top, pulls my arms behind my back in a leather armbinder and secures my legs together with leather straps. He completes my cheery, matchy matchy predicament by attaching my armbinder to my ankles and giving me a big yellow latex ball gag. Johnny lets me struggle around on the kitchen island for a few moments before pulling the top of my dress down and exposing my breasts. Now, that's just perky! I mean, pervy! :)

Thank you all for keeping us going! We're having fun and hope you're enjoying the content! :) "


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