3151 Nadia White

17:58 video

November 10, 2023
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Sexy Nadia was a bad girl and now finds herself bound and in trouble. Nadia has been tied to the bed in a modified spreadeagle. Her arms are pulled and stretched out, secured effectively to each side of the bed. Her ankles are tied tightly together. A ballgag is soon added to keep her as quiet as possible. Having been stripped to just her bra, panties and pantyhose as well as tightly tied and gagged this sexy bad girl is helpless and defenseless to whatever may come.

She is spanked by hand as well as flogged. Her sexy ass is turned a nice cherry red in the process. Her moans are music to the ears as her perky ass is spanked and flogged. She struggles against her bonds, whing and moaning to each stinging lick from my hand or the flogger.

Her legs are then moved to the corner of the bed and secured tightly to the bed frame. Nadia is now effectively secured to the bed at 3 points, making her complately helpless and defenseless. The spanking and flogging continues as Nadia's sexy pantyhose covered ass is tenderized and turned a nice cherry red. But her ass is not the only thing that gets punished. To add to her peril, I also flog those cute, sexy nylon covered feet of hers.

HSe is manhandle a bit and made completely aware that she has been a bad girl. Her punishment handed out, Nadia is left with the thoughts of what will happen if she's bad again.

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