3162 Sandra Silvers & Ariel Anderssen

15:13 video

November 30, 2023
A 1980's Women’s Workout Leads to Wiggling & Whimpering in Tight Ropes & Wrap Around Gags as MILF's Sandra Silvers & Ariel Anderssen Escape an Intruder!

Working out is usually a chore, but when you have buddies like Sandra and Ariel, it’s a lot easier to be motivated! With their neon leotards and knitted leg warmers, shiny pantyhose, and high ponytails, they’re an 80s dream duo. In the middle of their partnered stretches though, suddenly the door opens ... We return to find the women tightly bound. Their ankles are tied over their leg warmers, rope ties their upper thighs and chest, and their wrists are tied behind them! Wide eyed, wondering what will happen next, the mysterious intruder puts a wrap around gag on both women - making sure they’re totally helpless! He leaves and the women begin to struggle in their rope bondage restraints. They moan behind their gags from the effort, wiggling their feet, rolling on the floor, and trying somehow to escape! After a long while of squirming, Ariel gets her hands free first and immediately helps Sandra free her wrists as well! Then, both women get to work untying the rest of their bodies frantically, hoping the intruder doesn’t return. Their gags the last thing to be removed, the girls immediately burst out with confusion and anger. “That bastard!”, fumes Ariel. “He took all of our stuff!”, sighs Sandra. And suddenly they both realize - he took the video they were recording of themselves working out! They have to get it back! Shaking the last bits of rope free, the motivated MILFs run out of the house in desperate search of their intruder!

FEATURES: Leotards, Pantyhose,, Legwarmers, Nylon Soles, Retro, Rope Bondage, Mouth Stuffing, Wrap Around Gag, Escaping, Damsels, DiD

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