3166 Sandra Silvers & Liz River

15:57 video

December 7, 2023
Can Curvy Cuties Sandra and Liz Escape While So Tightly Tied? Gagged, Girdled Gals Give Their All to Get Out!

Stockings, girdles, and seated ties is the sight that awaits you as the scene opens - and what a sight it is! Sandra Silvers and Liz River are bound with rope to their chairs, Liz with her legs tied to each chair leg (giving you a great look up her girdle), while Sandra is tied with her ankles and knees crossed. In heels and little else besides their lingerie, they sensually strain in their seats. A man comes in to gag them, and the sight of their wide eyes as the wad of cloth is stuffed in their mouth will drive you wild! He takes a long strip of cloth, completing the mouth stuffing with a wrap around gag that solidifies their situation. He makes sure the gags are nice and tight before walking away. “Louder”, he orders from another room, and the damsels begin moaning and whimpering from behind the gags.  After a moment of struggling he strides back in to double check the damsel’s gags before leaving the building. Now with no captor keeping an eye on them, the damsels desperately try to escape! They shout behind their cloth gags despite how much their stuffed mouths stifle it, and bounce in their chairs. They shimmy, hoping some of the strict rope around their stockings will give - but it seems too tight to loosen! They wiggle their wrists, and frantically kick their feet, and try to find a way! Then the ropes finally begin to give way, first for Sandra and then for Liz! With their wrists released they work on the rest of their bondage, their obvious glee muffled by the gags. Liz leaves her chair first, helping Sandra start to undo her rope as they both glance anxiously back at the door from time to time.  Their girdles ride up as they get out of the rope, giving you a glance to admire amidst their restricted movements in trying to make an escape. Taking turns with the difficult ties, soon both are free - and set to flee!

FEATURES: Chair Tie, Mouth Stuffing, Wrap Around Gag, Girdle & Stockings, MILF Bondage, Escape Bondage, Damsel in Distress, Struggle, Vintage Shapewear

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