3167 Sydney Cyntana

33:41 video

December 8, 2023
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Lovely Sydney Cyntana came calling on BondageDownSouth and we put her to the test. In talking with this lovely bondage/fetish model we found out that she had never been mummified in 10 years of shooting. Well, that obviously had to change. So we challenged her to her 1st ever mummification.

Sydney stands patient and nervoulsy, dressed in a bra, panties and pantyhose. As the process of her mummification begins, you can tell that she is a little nervous. Starting at her ankles I work my way slowly and methodically up her legs, wrapping her tight in a layer of shrink wrap. We pass some idle conversation throughout the process. Eventually she finds herself completely wrapped from head to toe in a tight layer of shrink wrap. She's a bit surprised as to how little she can mive in the tightness of the shrink wrap. But it only gets tighter from here.

Next comes the tape wrap. Again beginning at her ankles, I begin the process of wrapping this mummification virgin in her layer of tape. I slowly work my way up her legs, tightly wrapping Sydney tightly in duct tape. She continues to make idle conversation, as the tape continues to engulf her body. Eventually i finish wrapping her torso and Sydney is shocked at just how tight this mummification is.

As I put the finishing touches on lovely Sydney's first ever mummification we make a little small talk as i shore up a few spots with tape. Once satisfied, the time for small talk is over as I placed a big ball gag in this lovely lady's  mouth. I force her to hop forward a coule of times and then it is into the floor with her.

I taunt the damsel turned mummy, telling her i'm going to leave and will return in an hour or so. SHe protest, but there's nothing she can do. I leave her to struggle in her mummified cocoon, but there's not much struggling that she can do. The double layer of shrink wrap and duct tape are tight and not very forgiving, but she's struggles as best she can.

I return to taunt her some more, leaving a pair of scissors on her chest to help her escape before leaving her to struggle again. When I return, the scissors are inthe floor and I taunt her about not using them and not wanting to escape. The 1st time mummy is a bit flustered and frustrated, so I put the scissors up and leave to to strugle some more.

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