3175 Dakkota

21:01 video

December 22, 2023
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Sexy blonde MILF Dakkota is a very ticklish lady. Wearing panties, a bra and pantyhose this sexy damsel finds herself tied up, gagged and helpless on the bed. Unable to defend herself she is soon subjected to intense tickle torture.

We cover every inch of Dakkota's sexy body finding all the ticklish spots. And there are alot of them. We're not sure there is a place on her sexy body that isn;t ticklish. And that makes it even better. From head to toe, we subject Dakkota to ear tickling, armpit tickling, stomach tickling. We tickle her sexy pantyhose covered ass, legs and sexy feet too. No where is safe and that's just how it should be.

Eventually we tie Dakkota's feet off to the bed helpling to limit justy how much she can struggle. We then get right back to the tickle torture on this sexy blonde MILF. Her muffled laughter through the ball gag is a wonderful melody to hear. The question for Dakkota is will the tickle torture ever end.

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