3181 Autumn

11:02 video

January 3, 2024
Long-time Bondage master Steve Villa has a new site with lots of classic Models in his super-tight bondage called 
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" Autumn was the neighborhood busy body. Anything that happened, she had to stick her nose into it. So today, when she saw a strange car parked in front of one of her neighbors, she had to go check it out. She saw the gate open and went in the back yard. That is when a masked man grabbed her and tied her wrists behind her back. Then he lifted her and carried her kicking and fussing over his shoulder into the backyard. To make sure she didn't alert any other nosy neighbor, the man stuffed her mouth and taped it shut. Now that he had her completely muffled, the man finished tying her up. Autumn was left to struggle in the back yard as the man went back into the house to rob the place. Later he returned and lifted Autumn again over his shoulder. Then he carried her to a more secluded part of the yard where he could play with her a bit. Later when the home owners returned they found their place burglarized and their neighbor half naked and all tied up & gagged in their backyard. "


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