3183 Rachel Adams

21:04 video

January 5, 2024
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Sexy Hotel manager Rachel Adams is making some rounds and checking on some issues in some rooms. The last thing she expected was for her seemingly routine day to turn into a hotel nightmare. Unfortunately for the sexy brunette MILF that's just what happens. Rachel soon finds herself tied to a luggage cart with a masked man in one of the hotel rooms.

Rachel struggles and demands that she be let go, but her efforts are futile. The masked captor tells the manager turned damsel in distress that he is a very unhappy guest who's complaints about problems with his room have gone unanswered. So his solution is to make the sexy manager pay for the poor customer service of her hotel.

Dressed in her business attire of skirt, white blouse, pantyhose and high heels, Rachel continues to struggle against her binds. A big black ball gag is placed tightly in her mouth to help, keep her quiet. The man then ties rope arond her chest and then to the luggage cart, securing her upper body to the top of the luggage cart. Her skirt rides up, showing off her pantyhose and her blouse is unbuttoned to show off her black bra.

The masked man torments the helpless and defenseless manager by tickling and groping her. She struggles as best she can, but to no avail. Soon her high heels are removed. Her sexy nylon covered feet are tickled and Rachel is humiliated by being made to smell her own high heel shoe.

 Rachel is soon moved to the floor where she has been hogtied and left to struggle. The big black ball gag remains tightly secured in her mouth. Helpless and defenseless, Rachel suffers and endures as the masked guest turns her into his entertainment for the night.

Rachel is manhandled, tickled, and spanked. The unhappy guest also humilates the sexy MILF by throwing pillows at her. Rachel struggles as best she can, but there is no escaping from her masked captor. All this hotel guest wanted was to have his complaints taken care of in a timely manner. When they were ignored, he decided to show sexy manager Rachel just how displeased he was with the hotel and her for her staff's poor customer service.

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