3194 Sandra Silvers & Lisa Harlotte

11:08 video

January 25, 2024
Gal Gumshoe, Gagged & Groped by Gay Female Goon! Part 2 of A 2 part Sandra Silvers P.I. Installment!

In the previous episode, our Plucky PI was captured while undercover to try to foil a ransom ring. Her attempts to escape were in vain, and she’s now tied to a chair to keep her from wriggling away. The bad guy has places to be, but he knows better than to leave this persistent private eye on her own. His comely confederate, blonde bombshell Lisa Harlotte, assures him that she can handle it, and if he leaves the two ladies alone, she'll even find out what Sandra knows.

As soon as the hideout door shuts, Lisa lets her lesbian impulses run wild. She gropes our Gal Friday, unbuttoning her blouse to expose that hot pink bra again. Hair is pulled, breasts are squeezed, and pantyhose is fondled. Sandra protests and groans into her tapegag, but all to no avail as the carressses continue. It seems our Sleuth's fate is sealed.

But wait - what's this?!? The detaining dame desists, and darts to the door. "Ok, he's finally gone!" calls out the captrix. She rushes to remove the tape and mouthstuffing and starts to untie Sandra. It turns out Lisa was actually Sandra's accomplice the whole time, and together they have foiled the kidnapper and saved the day once again!

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