3196 Sandra Silvers & Ariel Anderssen

10:42 video

January 27, 2024
BallGagged & Naked Ariel Tethered to the Wall with Leather for Tickled Toe Torments - Gagged & Ungagged Laughter! Includes BONUS BTS BONDAGE!

Sexy Sandra Silvers is in charge in this scene as she strides in to find Ariel - strapped spread eagle on a wall! Dressed in a tight black catsuit and even tighter pink corset, Sandra inspects Ariel’s straps, making sure each one is nice and tight as Ariel whimpers from behind her gag. Satisfied, Sandra starts to focus on her feet - so exposed and helpless! Sandra takes her time, sensually caressing her soles, one foot at a time. Then it’s time for tickling! Taking her toes in her hands, Sandra uses her red nails to tease, torment, and tickle Ariel’s feet, loving the sound of Ariel’s muffled laughs. Before too long though, busty broad Sandra's brute-at-hand Ben makes an appearance to remove Ariel's gag and all bets are off! Sandra ruthlessly tickles Ariel’s toes as the Amazonian lady from British Isles squirms, giggles, and shrieks (in an immpeccable R.P. English accent!) from the feel until she’s left alone to wonder what her next round of torment will be…

Bonus BTS from this device bondage, CFNF MILF Domination includes a time lapse of Ariel being tethered to the wall with leather straps held in by a screw or two, carefully by the crew!

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