3198 Sandra Silvers & Jackie Christianson

11:30 video

February 1, 2024
Classy Damsels + Era Shapewear + Vintage Setting = Classic Bondage, with an Unusual Hogtie Twist, for Sandra Silvers and Jackie Christianson!

Two beautiful women struggle and moan in secure rope bondage on the sofa in a retro setting - vintage decor, antique furniture, rotary-style telephone and a 1950s radio. Sandra and Jackie are dressed in a complementary manner, with classic styled Rage shapewear, full body girdles, pantyhose, stockings and heels. They are also bound in rope, with ankles and knees together, and a chest-harness that pins their arms into box-ties secured behind their backs. Any observations they have about their predicament are largely stifled by the thick cleave-gags, knotted and tied between their lips.

As they struggle, their captor appears, and begins to remove their saleable possessions. Gagged protests ensue, but there is nothing they can do to stop him. Jackie finds her breasts somewhat squashed by the tight bonds, one of her bra-straps slips off her shoulder, while Sandra stretches her body out in an effort to loosen the ropes, or at least get more comfortable. Both women's distressed looks suggest they are making no progress towards an escape, and there seems to be nothing around that they might use to help them get free.

The robbery apparently complete, the broad shouldered bad guy returns to hog-tie the hapless hotties: first Miss Silvers is repositioned on the sofa and has her bound ankles lashed to the rope holding her elbows, then her fellow captive is similarly incapacitated. As he walks out with that classic radio, both lingerie-clad beauties are left lying head-to-head on the sofa, heeled feet wiggling ineffectually in the air, helpless until someone, anyone? comes to their rescue...

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