3199 Raven Eve

20:24 video

February 2, 2024
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Beautiful and sexy Raven had been longing for love for a long time. She was tired of being alone so she put an ad out on craigslist looking for her man. She was excited when she got a response from a gentleman not too far from her who seemed to have all the qualities she was looking for. They set up a meet for dinner and drinks and Raven couldn;t wait. The excitement was almost too much for her.

That excitement soon turned to fear and desperation as this sexy single MILF found herself tied to a chair and gagged in her new man's hotel room soon after finishing off their drinks. What was a time of excitement and fulfillment for Raven has now turned to helpless fear. Unable to scream for help or escape her bondage, Raven is soon subjected to her captors real intentions. She is groped and fondled and her blouse and bra removed, exposing her luscious, ample breasts. A few slaps to her breats help to get her attention and let her know it's not going to be the exciting night she had hoped for. Securely tied to the chair and gagged, her captor is just getting started. What evil intentions does her date have in mind as he videos her predicament?

While Raven was looking for love and her " Man" , her blind date turned sadistic captor had other plans. He was looking for a bondage toy. He shows no mercy towards the sexy MILF as her exposed breasts are punished and tromented in various ways with various implements including wooden garden stakes and a metal lawn spike.

Having endured seemingly endless torment of her breasts and nipples, Raven's peril and predicament is soon amplified when nipple clamps are placed on her already overly sensitive nipples. Defenseless to protect herself, this sexy brunette is left to the torment of the tight nipple clamps on her sore and sensitive nipples as her exciting blind date spirals into a nightmare she will never forget, if she ever escapes. Raven was looking for love but she soon found out what can happen when a Bingd Date goes Wrong!

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