3200 Sandra Silvers, Liz River & Catherine Sterling

14:24 video

February 3, 2024
Bound & Gagged Catherine Undergoes Timed Tickle Torment from Top to Toes, Thanks to Liz and Sandra! G-G Bondage Bonus!

Sexily satin-clad Sandra and gorgeous, night-gowned Liz have lovely Cat exactly where they want her: on the bed, hog-tied in red rope, cleave-gagged with a scarf. Ms. River starts the timer, and Cat's tickle torture begins! In skimpy, lacy lingerie, she has little defense against the nimble fingers of her curvy captors... Every part of Cat's body gets their attention - neck, armpits, sides, stomach, thighs, feet - and they all seem to be ticklish! She responds with giggles, squeals, protests and grunts, which only encourages her tormentors, of course!

Legs in sexy nylons, oodles of cleavage spilling out of their silky nighties, Sandra and Liz thoroughly enjoy playing with their bound toy, taunting their helpless, slender. submissive. Trying to decide where to concentrate their tickling efforts, laughing continuously. Having begun with their captive on her back, they flip her over for better access to those sensitive soles, which may be Catherine's weakest spot! As the timer passes the ten-minute mark, it's time to stop the torture. Kisses are planted on Cat, but will she be released, or will the busty duo be back for more after a short break?

Bonus B.T.S! Watch behind-the-scenes footage of Sandra tying and gagging Cat in preparation for her tickling ordeal. As Liz watches on, Sandra completes Cat's hog-tie, then rolls up a scarf to gag her with. The bound British babe doesn't seem too worried, but maybe she doesn't know what's coming...

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