3202 Sandra Silvers & Portia Everly

20:18 video

February 8, 2024
The Department of Bengineering presents: The Gyn-potenuse
Submissive Portia Placed in Splits & Leather Straps, Hoisted to a Dizzying Incline Height, & Vibrator Stimulated by Sandra Silvers!

The Department of Bengineering is well known for world renowned device bondage, and today Sandra's new girlfriend Portia Everly has volunteered to be placed into the Gyn-potenuse for experimentation! Portia is completely nude as Ben fits leather bondage cuffs onto her bare ankles. Once secured, she settles into the splits on the wood and metal bondage device, then Ben continues to add leather straps to her body. Straps are secured tightly under her breasts. Then, just below her knees. Next, her upper thighs. Another leather strap is added just above her breasts, going around her arms. Finally, to secure those straps, an additional leather strip is secured around her arms, which rest behind her against a metal bar. This portion of set up for Portia’s predicament is shown as a five minute time lapse.

Now begins the full scene! Chains clink ominously as Ben begins to raise the bondage device by a well-oiled winch and muscle power, placing Portia in an angled suspension as Sandra watches on in wonder. A gyn-potenuse angle, if you will! This helps to complete the finishing touch - a vibrator secured to Portia’s exposed pussy. Ben raises the rig even higher, then leaves as Sandra strides closer to Portia, sensually running her hands over the bound beauty’s bare body. Sandra is a striking sight in a grey satin blouse, black corset, and tight pencil skirt as she plays with Portia. Portia squeals under Sandra’s touch, and the sensation of the vibrator strapped against her most sensitive areas. It’s all so much! Portia tries to struggle - but is so tightly tied that she has no choice but to succumb to the pleasure of it all. Beautiful in her bare bound state, you can’t help but stare at the sight of this titillating scene. Her bare feet point as she cums again and again, giggling and smiling throughout! After a few minutes of fondling fun, the screen fades to black, where you see a black ball gag has been placed in Portia’s mouth. After all, toys should be seen and not heard! Despite this, Portia erupts into a screaming orgasm only moments later. Her bare body trembles, bound breasts showcasing her perky nipples and flushed face as she clearly feels the pleasure of it all. After a few rounds, Sandra seems satisfied by the submissive’s overstimulated state, and Ben returns once more to lower the bondage device. Portia pants tiredly behind the ballgag - a now perfectly pliable bondage doll for the Bengineering Team to experiment with again soon!

FEATURES: Nude / Nudity, Barefoot,, CFNF, CMNF, Device Bondage, Satin Blouse, Corset, FemDom, Leather Straps, Splits, Bound Orgasms, Groping, Ballgag / Gagged Women, Timelapse, Made to Orgasm

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