3204 Sandra Silvers & Whitney Morgan

12:49 video

February 10, 2024
Damsel Debutants Driven & Dumped in the Wilds, Make their Break for Woodland Escape! Outdoor Bondage!!

Sandra and Whitney wore their gowns well, over well endowed bodies, so well in fact, the terrifically titted twosome never made it home from their ball! Captured as they waited at the concierge station, and driven away before any of the other event goers could even blink an eye…
We meet up with our dressed-up damsels in distress, driven in the back of a truck from who knows what deeds of wanton abandon at the hands of their abductor. Somewhere on their snatched soiree, the pair had lost their high heels, yet kept hold of their elbow length opera gloves. Whitney, wearing white velvet with a side split showing off pantyhosed thigh, and Sandra in silver sequins and rhinestones glimmering in the gloomy glow of the truck bed. Shafts of light shine from Sandra’s ballgown as the pretty purloined pair struggle to stay up right in the speeding vehicle. When they come to a stop, the driver drops the tail gate to unceremoniously drag out the damsels, dropping them on the grass. Out in the wilds the women are left, with squealing tires spraying their finery with dirt as they are dumped by their ne’er-do-well date. All Sandra and Whitney can do is to try free themselves… Rolling and wriggling on the sandy grass, clothing destruction a given as ruining their ballgowns goes hand in hand with dirtying their bodies in desperate attempts to untie their wrists, ankles, and arms enough to make a run for whatever possible help could be nearby…

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