3210 Sandra, Lisa, Ami, Gia & Catherine

15:49 video

February 22, 2024
A Bevy of Buxom Beauties Tickle-Torment a Helpless Hottie Hobbled & Harnessed by Leather! Featuring Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte, Ami Mercury & Gia Love as Ticklers to Ticklee Catherine Sterling!

Catherine has agreed to a ten-minute tickle-test, but is surprised to find herself surrounded by no fewer than four busty, girdled beauties, as she lies helplessly bound, gagged and naked. Ami in blue, Lisa in cream, Gia in purple and Sandra in red are her cruel tormentors, positioned at the four corners to inflict maximum discomfort and/or pleasure on the apprehensive Ms Sterling. Still, there's nothing she can do about it now - leather straps render her unable to resist. One strap encircles her chest and pins her arms to her sides, two more restrain her at the wrists, holding them against her hips, at the same time running between her thighs to offer further stimulation, as if it were needed... Her knees and ankles are also secured tightly together, with a ball-gag completing the picture and keeping her relatively quiet.

The timer is started. Sandra and Gia go to work on Cat's upper body, and no area remains untickled, as they search for their victim's most vulnerable spots. She squirms and protests into her gag, as her neck, breasts, armpits, sides and stomach are tormented relentlessly. At the same time, Lisa and Ami use their expert tickling fingers on her thighs, calves, the back of her knees and of course her feet and toes. It's sensory overload for our poor ticklee! After a while, the gag is removed from her mouth, but by now all she can do is mix screams and laughter, as the tickle onslaught continues. Eventually, Cat is able to count down the final few seconds of the allotted time, and her four assailants reluctantly stop.

Cat awaits release, but what's this...? A mystery voice announces that there will be an unspecified period of additional torment for the helpless cutie. The four naughty MILFs swap places, and resume their assault on Cat's vulnerable body. It's hard to tell which are her most sensitive areas, so this extra tickle time is useful in providing further data. Maybe it's her belly button! Finally, her captors take pity on their squealing prisoner, and she is released, springing free before they can change their minds. Is Cat plotting her revenge, or is she eagerly awaiting her next tickle session...?

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