3212 Sandra Silvers and Lisa Harlotte

20:52 video

February 24, 2024
Double Damsels’ Blindfolded Bondage Escape from their Sweatered Captor's Creepy 1970's Motel Hideout! With Two BTS Bonuses!

Bound on a bed, get a long gaze at the lovely Lisa and Sandra struggling in their restrictive ropes! With ankles, calves, and upper legs bound, they can barely move. With their chest ties tied to one another, the two are bound back to back. But, the best part of their predicament is their tape blindfold and tape gags! They continue their seated struggle, dressed in blouses bound to reveal their bras, their nice skirts slightly riding up to reveal pantyhose. The ties tantalisingly lead your gaze down their legs to their heels as they try to wiggle their feet. Going from a wide framed view to a close up one, a detailed view of the duct taped damsels await you. After a while of watching the wiggling damsels, the door opens. It’s their captor! He peeks out the window, before checking the beauties’ binds. The ropes seem tight and the tape is still taut. Their captor picks up the phone, attempting to call someone… but no one answers. Turning his attention back to the two helpless heroines, he removes their heels, exposing their pantyhose clad feet. They grunt behind their gags, startled by the sensation! Their captor then sits on the couch, satisfied by the sight, as they continue to struggle. They wiggle their feet, muffled moans rising as they struggle against the restrictive ropes. Their captor checks the window once more, then leaves the room. The two keep struggling, and the view becomes a close up of their bound bodies as they turn this way and that in their ties. Fade to black, where some time has passed, and the women are slowly slipping their way out of their tight binds! successfully! Free of the chest harness binding them together, but not free of their tape blindfolds, they get to work on untying their legs by feel. Once free, they feel for one another and make their way off of the bed tentatively, sight still obscured. Will they make their escape successfully despite being blindfolded?

BTS #1 - A nice close look as the two remove their taped blindfolds and tape gags. Lisa needs a little assistance as the tape is wrapped so tightly. Sandra undoes her tape gag to reveal a mouth packed with cloth, and Lisa teasingly tries to remove it for her before Sandra sets to work on her tape blindfold.

BTS #2 - Time lapse of Sandra and Lisa being tape tied on the bed by Ben before the beginning of the video featured.

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