3214 Sandra Silvers & Catherine Sterling

18:47 video

February 29, 2024
Futile Struggles for Sweater, Skin-tight Jeans & Argyle Socks-clad Catherine, Rope Bound on her Bed by Buxom Broad Sandra Silvers! DiD Wool Bondage!

It seems the latest British bird to work as a secretary for Sandra’s husband has gotten eyes for the man of the house. Sandra has dealt with this situation before, and knows a way proven to gain control of the flighty filly’s emotions with a secure ending for all concerned. Any protestations Miss Sterling may have on her unfolding situation are muffled by the thick bandanna scarf cleave-gag Sandra deftly folds between her lips! Next come a series of ropes, Sandra taking no nonsense from the squirming foreign exchange employee, as buxom broad with stunning silver hair ties up her wanton charge. Tethering tight ropes secure the bemused beauty: arms bound behind Catherine at the wrist, a chest harness further restrains her upper body, then her legs are bound just below her knees and around the ankles. Once shapely MILF Sandra is satisfied, she leaves the girl to think about her position, and her predicament!

Cat sets about trying to escape her bondage, so we are able to enjoy her struggling and writhing on the bed, 'mmpphh'-ing ineffectually into her gag. Wearing a blue cable-knitted sweater, tight denim jeans and color coordinated woolen Argyle socks, this wool-wearing woman’s energetic efforts to escape offer great views of her whole body, as she tosses and turns, not to mention those fluttering fingers fumbling for knots and wriggling wooly toes! However, none of this has a visible impact on the ropes binding her, so Cat edges to the side of the bed, struggles to her feet, and hops around in search of something to use on the ropes. When this is proven fruitless, she desperately tries to work the ropes loose against the bed-post. Foiled again, Cat slumps back onto the bed. As sweatered sweetie Miss Sterling is trying to call for help through the scarf in her mouth elicits an unhoped-for response... The return of stern and determined Sandra to strictly strap Catherine into an un-relenting hogtie, socked feet flailing futilely, after a further muffling gag of course, this time an over the mouth (OTM) bandana – bandit style!

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