3215 Bella Ink

25:22 video

March 1, 2024
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Sexy Bella wanted a challenge and something new, so I offered it to her. Mummification and orgasms. What could be better than that, right? After all, She said she wanted a challenge and something new. I just didn't tell her how much of a challenge it would be. But that's what makes it fun!!

We start off finding Bella standing, wearing just some panties and pantyhose. She's topless and those large tits of hers look fantastic. Bella looks amused as i approach with the hitachi in 1 hand and shrink wrap in the other. I place the hitachi between her legs with the vibrating head tucked snug against her pussy and start to wrap that part of her legs in shrink wrap. The beautiful Bella even offers to hold the Hitachi that I will torment her with in place while i secure it. What a great damsel, offering to help you torment and torture them. 

Once the Hitachi is secured in place i move down Bella's sexy pantyhose covered legs to her ankles. I begin to slowly wrap her up tight in shrink wrap which will be her 1st layer of mummification. I work my way up her legs, adding another tight layer over the hitachi and her pussy. Her arms are shrink wrapped to her side as i make my way to her shoulders. As Bella is wrapped in the shrink wrap, she gleefully and jokingly makes comments about how tight it is. Good thing she didn't no before agreeing. 

Once Bella is secrely wrapped in a tight layer of shrink wrap, The duct tape is brought out. Once again, with tape in hand, I start at bella's ankles and slowly work my way up her legs to her shoulders. Her entirebody from ankles to shoulders is encased in its nice, tight silver coccoon. Her large, sexy tits are left un mummified because why would you not want to look at those sexy tits while Bella is being tormented. 

To finish her off, a ball gag is placed securely in Bella's mouth. This will help to keep her quiet when the orgasm torment begins, at least somewhat. Once Bella is secure in her nice, tight tape coccon, I turn the hitachi on. At 1st i leave it on low, but then quickly run it to high to get some nice reactions and also to give Bella a little taste of the torture she's in for. 

With the hitachi running and the vibrations beginning to work on her pussy, I lower Bella into the floor to enjoy and endure her torment and challenge. 

Unfortumately for Bella, this helpless vixen is going to have to endure some good tease and denial before i ever contemplate letting her reach climax and orgasm. I never play fair and I make sure to let Bella know that every time i turn the hitachi off before she can climax, and making sure to turn it back on just as soon as she has relaxed. 

Bella has been mummified and gagged and she is at my mercy. But i have no mercy! I delight in tormenting my helpless mummy with some intense tease & denial. It drives Bella crazy & you can see the frustration building in her eyes and facial expressions. Her frustrations are a delight, as is watching her struggle to find away to keep me from turning the hitachi off. 

She manages to roll onto her stomach, intensifying the vibrations from the hitachi against her pussy and reach climax. But I'm not allowing it just yet and roll her back to her back, frustrating the helpless vixen even more. 

Eventually, after having my fun frustrating Bella and denying her the pleasure of climax, i leave the hitachi on high and leave her to struggle and enjoy her very big, very satisfying mummified orgasm

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