3224 Sandra Silvers, Christina Sapphire & Catherine Sterling

12:14 video

March 16, 2024
Girdled Gals Bound & Bonded By BlowJob on a Joint Dildo Gag - Sandra & Christina Kneel in Submission to their Stern Mistress, Miss Sterling!

Sandra and Christina sit kneeling, side by side. Both dressed in girdles and thigh highs, they are bound chest to chest by leather straps. A white cloth gag covers their mouth, unwavering despite their squirming and wiggling. A mysterious woman enters the living room, groping the girls over their Rago girdles and laughing at their predicament as she teases them. She then removes their white cloth gags, and leaves the room. The women are confused, wondering what she has in store for them and whimpering. They continue struggling, hoping to escape while she’s away. They aren’t that lucky. The mysterious woman comes back with a single ballgag… that has a large dildo on the other end! She secures the ballgag into Christina's mouth with a pinch of the nose to ensure she opens wide. Sandra is shocked as she watches, yet has no choice but to suck the gag when her nose is pinched long enough to make Sandra gasp for air! With the gag nice and deep in both women’s mouths, the mysterious woman urges them on, using her hands to push their heads together as Sandra sucks the dildo. She takes pictures of the hottie’s humiliation, and even goes as far as to kiss Sandra in between the blow job as well! This continues on and on, the bound babes in their bound blowjob predicament, first scared… then slowly turning sensual, their whimpers turning to that of want until, exhausted, they lay their heads against one another, sated by their ordeal.

Features: Fantasy Roleplay, Leather Straps, Cleave Gag, Cloth Gag, Girdles, Nylons, Double Damsel, FemDom, Lesbian Domination, Dildo Gag

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