3228 Sandra Silvers & Liz River

20:54 video

March 23, 2024
Duct Taped Damsels Sandra and Liz Driven To Unknown Destination; DDD Breasts in Bras Exposed, Heels Removed for Barefoot Struggles on the Move!

It’s a beautiful day for a ride… made even better when bound broads are your passengers! Come along for the drive as a mysterious man lifts and places a tape bound Sandra in the back of his van, followed by Liz! The ladies are obviously terrified, trying to whimper behind their tightly wrapped tape gags for help. Their captor closes the car door and begins to drive. Dressed in button down blouses, blue jeans, and heels, you get a straight view of the duct taped damsels as they struggle and squirm. They aren’t going anywhere though! Tape has been wrapped around their ankles, just below the knees, just above the knee, upper thigh, chest, and arms tape bound behind back. That seems secure enough, wouldn’t you agree?
As they struggle, their captor suddenly stops the car and goes to check on his petrified passengers. Behind their gags they beg him for freedom, but he instead gropes Sandra’s breasts before ripping open her blouse, doing the same to Liz, and leaving their bras exposed! They try to fight, but being so tightly tied, all they can do is wiggle - letting you watch their beautiful bra clad breasts bounce as they do! The strips of tape tied above and below their breasts perfectly emphasizes the damsel’s delectable decolletes. Satisfied, the man starts up the car and begins to drive once more. The ladies struggle in their tight jeans, their breasts bouncing in their exposed bras, and their stifled screams faintly filling the air as the van continues to drive. They tilt and wobble as they struggle, the occasional sudden turn throwing their bound bodies off balance.

Suddenly the car stops once more. The man goes to inspect the gagged girls, and removes their high heels! They scream and struggle some more as he does this, but the man remains silent. Satisfied, he continues to drive. Trees flash by as the car barrels down the road with the bound beauties. Cars drive by, unaware of the helpless hostages in the back. As he drives, the momentum makes the women fall and roll on the floor - giving you a variety of views as they try to escape. They end up on their side, back, and stomach, their bare feet wiggling and their tied bodies twisting this way and that. At long last the car stops and the man finally speaks. “Here’s your new home, ladies!”

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