3232 Sandra Silvers & Portia Everly

16:26 video

March 30, 2024
Stockinged, Girdled & Burgled MILFs Attempt to Escape; after Muscular Menace Ties Up the Two & Thoroughly Gags Them!

Portia Everly and Sandra Silvers are seated on the floor…and have been placed in quite a predicament! Rope has been tied around their ankles, just under their knees, around their hips, behind their backs, and around their breasts! Cleave gagged and dressed only in girdles, stockings, and heels, the damsel duo struggles against their ties. Escape truly looks helpless for these two! They moan behind their gags, trying to wiggle free, when their captor suddenly walks in. Targeting Sandra first, he unties her cleave gag, then stuffs her mouth with a bandana! He then takes white tape and wraps it around her head, making sure her mouth stays nice and stuffed. Then it’s time for poor Portia to receive the same treatment! Cleave gag untied, mouth stuffed, then secured with a wraparound tape gag, the two share similar miseries in this misadventure. Satisfied the girls have been properly gagged, their captor leaves the room…and the two begin struggling against their ties once again! Sandra slides on her side in her struggle, and Portia has gotten to her knees. As they wiggle in different ways, watch their bound bodies struggle in a variety of angles! What a predicament the pair faces! After a long while, it seems they have a plan. Sandra helps Portia out of her wrist tie, despite her own wrists being bound. Once her hands are free, Portia helps untie Sandra’s stockinged ankles, as Sandra does her best to untie Portia’s bound breasts. The two continue to take turns untying each other, until they are finally free enough to escape! Spitting out the bandannas stuffed in their mouths, and relieved, the two run off to find help!

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