3234 Sandra Silvers & Caroline Pierce

11:41 video

April 4, 2024
Massive MouthStuffing for Sandra, as Scheming Secretaries Stage a Robbery; A Wrap Gagged, Tape Bondage Burglary!

The scene starts with sexy Sandra Silvers seated in a folding chair, and already tape tied! Tape binds her ankles, just below her knees, above her knees, her upper thighs, around her stomach, under her breasts, above her breasts, and her arms are taped behind her back! Caroline Pierce strides in to stand above her, with a basket of small red balls besides her.
 “Say ahhh,” Caroline coos, and Sandra opens her mouth obediently. The two giggle as Caroline continues to gag her with ball after ball. One, two, three...is that a fourth? And then a fifth? Sandra’s mouth is quite impressive as you see how stuffed it can be! Caroline checks in as she stuffs, with Sandra smiling and nodding for more to be placed in her mouth. What a feat! Caroline gives Sandra’s stuffed mouth a little kiss, delighted in how full it’s becoming. Eventually, Sandra’s mouth space reaches its end, and Caroline grabs a nice stretchy wrap to secure that stuffed mouth!
 “Struggle and…make it look real!” Caroline coaches, before leaving with one last kiss. Alone, Sandra struggles in her tape-stuck and mouth-stuffed state! Her moans are incredibly muffled from behind such an impressive gag, and as she struggles her breasts bounce against her slightly unbuttoned blouse. She kicks her feet as much as she can, her heels clicking on the floor, as she wiggles in her chair. Even her screams are stifled by how stuffed her mouth is! What a sight! But… will it be convincing enough for whoever stumbles upon her?

BONUS BTS includes Caroline unwrapping the gag and the little red balls bouncing out of Sandra’s mouth! There’s so many that were stuffed in there, and you’ll be amazed once you count how many she fit in between her lips!

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