3236 Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte & Amanda Foxx

12:36 video

April 6, 2024
Trio of Bound Broads Made to Orgasm, Straddling Bench Seat Back-to-Back, AOH, MILF Mouths Packed with Pantyhose Gags!

Seated upright, their ankles bound to the bench they sit on and arms over head, tied wiith wrists behind their heads, the sexy Sandra, Lisa, and Amanda struggle and squirm. Their muffled moans from pantyhose gags packed tightly in their mouths are lovely as they grunt, groan, and call for help. But a lovelier sight is that of the sexy damsels dressed in nothing but bras and pantyhose! Their breasts jiggle against the tight chest tie as they try to escape, their bound feet flailing uselessly as they realise their restricted predicament is set. Soon, after several moments of struggling, their captor comes in - ready to inspect the disgruntled damsels! He gropes their breasts over their bra, plays with the crotch of their sheer pantyhose, and enjoys the sight of the trio trying to escape. Next he decides to really have some fun with them! One at a time, he takes a vibrator to their most sensitive spot, removing the gags so he can enjoy the sounds of the women cumming again and again. But that’s not all! After going down the line of ladies, he attaches a vibrator to each one so they’re made to climax continually with no reprieve. Satisfied, he unties the ankles of one bound damsel and leads her away, leaving the other two to continue their escape - and their cumming!


Features: Pantyhose, Gagged Women, Tied Together, Triple Damsel, Bra Fetish, Chest Tie, Made To Cum, Bound Orgasms, DiD, Vibrator, Hand Over Mouth, Groping

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