3238 Sandra, Lisa, Nyxon & Ami

10:14 video

April 11, 2024
Massive Mammaried MILF Workmates Stay Late in the Office - Hobbled & Hoodwinked by Their Colleagues Pantyhose!

Squirming, struggling, Sandra Silvers and Nyxon sit on the floor as Ami Mercury and Lisa Harlotte tie them up. The two work quietly, ignoring the grunts and groans from their cleave gagged colleagues as they continue to restrain them with nylon pantyhose. First their ankles, then just above their knees…it looks like they are going to be totally trapped by the pantyhose ties! With Sandra and Nyxon secured back-to-back by the stockings, all they can do is protest behind the pantyhose cleave gags and beg for freedom. Ami and Lisa are loving this though! “Feisty..” Ami observes. “It’s that attitude that got you here in the first place! Very unprofessional..” The pantyhose ties continue to be added up their legs and around their upper thighs. Satisfied by the struggling in their stockinged confines, Ami and Lisa step back to watch them. Lisa has an idea, though! Pulling open a desk drawer, she produces yet another pair of pantyhose…and with the help of Ami places them over the pleading damsel’s heads! First Sandra, receiving the pantyhose hood (and an additional cleave gag from the legs of it), before the same is done to Nyxon. “We should do something else before we leave,” muses Ami...
The two stride back to the stocking bound pair, pulling at their blouses and unbuttoning them until their bras are exposed! They continue to protest behind their cleave gags, but it doesn't sway their captors. Lisa even pulls down Sandra’s bra, exposing her breasts completely, before giving them a brief grope! After a final check, the two leave for lattes as the couple continues to struggle. Sandra’s breasts bounce as she squirms, and Nyxon tries her best to pull against the pantyhose. The camera gets nice and close as they do, letting you watch as they wiggle and squirm in their states of stockinged struggles. Will they ever be released?

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