3239 Raven Eve

25:31 video

April 12, 2024
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Sexy brunette Raven had always wanted to be a model. When she saw an ad online for interviews for new models wanting to break into the business she thought this was her chance. She scheduled an interview and audition, but this was no ordinary interview and her modeling dream soon disappeared. She had answered an ad by a sex slave ring. Grabbed from behind she finds herself tied tightly on a couch. She is gagged with stockings and a ballgag and her ample breasts are exposed. Her captor adds more rope to keep her secure and her skirt is hiked up showing off her perfect pantyhose covered ass. She is groped and tickled for her captor's pleasure. She struggles and fights her captor to no avail, as there is no escaping her ropes and situation. After having his fun with her, the captor leaves the sexy brunette on the couch to stuggle. When the masked captor returns, Raven's peril continues as she is groped and manhandled on the couch She is then moved to the floor where she is placed in a tight and inexscapable hogtie. Helpess and defenseless in the strict hogtie, Raven is manhandled more and her ample, luscious breast are fondled and groped all in the backdrop of her protests and struggle. She is eventually left to struggle in the floor as she waits for her buyer to call. Raven wanted to be a model, but she found herself in bondage peril and waiting to be shipped overseas when she answered the wrong ad. Lots of on screen tying for your viewing pleasure.

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