3244 Sandra Silvers, Ami Mercury & Catherine Sterling

12:58 video

April 20, 2024
Sexy Superheroines Stunned and Made to Cum while chair tied! Episode 1 of a 2 Part Custom Video!

Evil villain MissFyre (Ami Mercury) has been taunting Freedomme (Sandra Silvers)… She’s holding Union Jane (Catherine Sterling) hostage, and Freedom better come get her! Baiting Freedomme to come rescue her, with her chair tied and a red ball gag firmly in her mouth, Union Jane is unmistakably helpless. Freedomme arrives at MissFyre's evil lair shortly after, looking around at the odd instruments…then happens upon her friend! It seems Union Jane now has a laser collar around her neck that renders her paralyzed, according to MissFyre’s taunts - and she plans to do the same to Freedomme! Despite her protests, MissFyre’s henchman grabs Freedomme suddenly, and the laser collar is placed on her neck. Soon both heroes are sitting side by side - bound, frozen, and helpless! Chartied, their legs are spread and bound, a crotch rope is snugly secured on both women, and their arms tied tightly behind their back! The women stare ahead, glassy eyed and still from the laser collars around their neck - rendering them into the perfect prisoners. MissFyre pulls down Union Jane’s top, attaching nipple clamps, then does the same to Freedom. With a table of vibrators wheeled in, MissFyre decides to have some fun and removes the laser collar so she can hear them whimper! How dastardly! They gasp and groan from behind their cleave gags as they snap to, now painfully aware of their predicament. MissFyre teases and taunts them, running her red gloved hands over their helplessly bound bodies and bare breasts ...before grabbing the vibrators and using them on the heroes! They moan and groan, helpless against the waves of pleasure, yet doing their best to fight it! Union Jane drools through her ball gag. Freedomme has her nipple clamps reattached. Both women are exactly where they were trying to avoid! And all the while, MissFyre has fun feeling them up and making them cum…but will our feminine heroines have any hope of escape? Find out in Part 2 of this CUSTOM VIDEO, out next week!

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