3250 Sandra Silvers & Tomiko

11:13 video

May 2, 2024
Pretty Packaged Pair's Pat Down in Point of View, as YOU Check Out Mummified MILF Sandra & Tomiko’s Ample Assets!

Tomiko and Sandra stand wrapped against poles, so tightly mummified that they can barely move! Despite doing their best to grunt and groan their displeasure, they are silenced by wrap-around gags made of the same material they are mummified with. Their beautiful breasts are exposed, and bounce as they struggle against the bondage. Their pantyhose clad feet shift slightly from their struggles. With slight shakes as they strive for freedom, they moan for a few minutes…before you decide it’s time to get up close and personal with the pair! You reach out POV, hands groping Sandra Silver’s sexy breasts. You love getting a nice handful, becoming nice and acquainted with her beautiful bounty. You feel up her slick, shiny body, tightly mummified and unable to make any moves for escape! Next it’s time to try out Tomiko. You run your hands up her bound body, and you just can’t help yourself - you have to give her breasts a good groping as well! You squeeze them before feeling up her mummified body again. Then you step back to survey the two. Wrapped women waiting to get groped - what a deviant dream!

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