3254 Sandra Silvers & Zonah Bellum

12:28 video

May 9, 2024
The Department of Bengineering presents D.R.A.G.O.N. - Damsel Restraining Anti-Gravity Orgasm Necessitator & Sees Zonah Stimulated While Suspended Upside Down For Sapphic Sandra’s Scientific Studies!

At The Department of Bengineering, interesting inventions are a daily norm! Today’s experiment features Zonah Bellum volunteering for the D.R.A.G.O.N. Device for their scientific studies! The Damsel Restraining Anti-Gravity Orgasm Necessitator involves having Zonah strapped with leather binds to a bondage device - and suspended upside down! Nude besides sheer pantyhose, Zonah’s  perky nipples, pink hair, and mouth plugged by a ballgag are a delicious sight meant to be savoured - and that’s exactly what Sandra Silvers plans to do. Sitting beneath Zonah, Sandra serenely reads on a couch before putting the book away. It’s time to play! Sandra kneels up and gives Zonah a kiss over her gagged mouth, before massaging and kissing her breasts as well! A tasty treat like this is meant to be savoured, after all. Sandra takes great pleasure in groping Zonah, running her hands over Zonah’s pantyhose, breasts, and rear before returning back to give her another gagged kiss. Now primed and panting behind her gagged lips, Sandra smirks as she reveals a vibrator…and places it between Zonah’s pantyhose-ed thighs! Sandra expertly angles the vibrator on Zonah’s sensitive areas as she strokes her breasts, before turning the dial of the vibrator up a little higher! How much can volunteer Zonah take at the mercy of the vibrator? Zonah’s body shudders in the suspended device, her orgasms loud as she experiences the allure of erotic anti-gravity! Sandra returns to kneeling in front of Zonah, giving her more passionate gagged kisses as she works the vibrator against her pantyhose pussy once more. Zonah simply can’t help but continue to cum! Turned on by the tied treat, Sandra undoes her blouse and urges Zonah to give Sandra’s breast kisses as well! After more groping and fondling, Sandra removes her feet from her heels and places them on Zonah’s suspended shoulder. The pantyhose foot teases Zonah’s body as the vibrator buzzes away, creating a sexy scene that will leave you stimulated, too! With one final gagged kiss Sandra strides away, leaving Zonah still suspended and still succumbing to the pleasures of the Hitachi held between her thighs!

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