3258 Sandra, Gia, Lisa & Liz

12:31 video

May 16, 2024
Long Limbed Lesbian Leather Lovers Lock Lips, Lashed Breast to Breasts, by Corset-clad Captrix Couple!

Sandra and Gia form an eXcellent shape in their standing spread-eagle, similarly wrenched into a body racking position by ankle and wrist ropes pulling their long limbs wide apart. Each busty beauty has a leather strap around their corset waist, cinching their ample breasts together in a breath limiting boob battle predicament. Bandanna cleave gags keep the pair moaning in mmphs of a delightful curiosity… or perhaps frustration at their unusable lips in such close quarter to each other? They need not fret, for Lisa and Liz come strutting in to release these two leather loving ladies from their cloth cleavegags to commence kissing! Red lips and pink tongues get to business, in a consensual bondage cum fest once corset-clad captrix couple Lisa and Liz begin to give Sandra and Gia the business!

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