3266 Sandra, Lisa, Whitney & Catherine

15:20 video

May 30, 2024
Western Women in Cowboy Boots, Plaid Shirts & Blue Jeans Work Over Leather Strapped Strumpets, Naked & Trucked to the Wilderness for Tickle Torments!

SHot and kinky cowgirls Sandra and Lisa like to have some tickling fun between cattle drives, and today their latest victims are being delivered! Naked and securely strapped up in the back of a truck, Cat and Whitney squirm and moan into their panel gags on the journey, before they arrive at a remote destination to find the two beauties waiting... They are quickly laid out for easy access to their feet, which prove to be ultra-ticklish, judging by the frantic jiggling and giggling from the captives.

After a while, Lisa and Sandra swap positions, but the result is the same. Their arms held tightly to their sides, legs bound together, Whitney and Cat are unable to prevent their tormentors extending their range of tickling, and they struggle in their unforgiving restraints, their protests still muffled by their gags. Eventually, those gags are removed, but there's no relief from the tickling, although the laughter gets louder. Our cruel cowgirls continue the tickle onslaught, concentrating on those pretty feet for the most part, soles and toes getting a good going over. Yet midrifs, knees, thighs and bellybuttons get an oh so hysterical helping also! Sadly, all good things come to an end. Reluctantly, Sandra and Lisa push their victims back into the bed of the truck, and they are driven away. Is this the end of their ordeal, or is there more to come for the helpless, panting, writhing damsel duo?

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