3268 Sandra, Lisa Whitney & Ami

13:06 video

June 1, 2024
Bevy of Babes in Black Bras Blindfolded, Bound, and Made to Cum in Turn... & Together!

On a couch on display: Sandra, Whitney, Lisa, and Ami - kneeling and tied to one another. With nude pantyhose, black bras, black bandana blindfolds, and black ball gags adorning these attractive damsels, the sight is an absolute dream for the discerning deviant! And with their wrists tied to one another, and a vibrator tied securely to their waists, it’s easy to see these women are in for a whimpering good time. As the vibrator buzzes away between their thighs, these drooling dames are quite the sight as they cum and cry out in pleasure from the steady stimulation. Unaware of him due to the blindfolds, Ben paces back and forth behind the ladies, overseeing their orgasms. He presses the vibrator closer against their pantyhose clad pussies, and gropes their breasts over their black bras, pushing their pleasure even further. They gasp behind their gags as he does so, wiggling, squirming, and shimmying their hips against the intensity of the vibrator roped between their thighs. Helpless, all they can do is hungrily hump the hitachis, grinding their hips, and drooling from their gags. The symphony of sensual sounds goes on as the camera gets nice and close to the gaggle of girls, letting you gaze freely at their lust. After watching for a while, Ben begins taking off their blindfolds - starting with Ami Mercury! They look around wide eyed as their arousal washes over them, their situation made apparent. He continues down the line, making sure each woman reaches one last cumming crescendo, before removing the black blindfold and moving to the next bound babe. With their eyes free to wander now, they watch one another writhe in ecstasy from the wand, and wonder what sexy situation Ben has in store for them next!

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