3270 Sandra Silvers & Jackie Christianson

15:30 video

June 6, 2024
Pole Tied Pleasure Pressed Together For Lip Locked, Leather Strapped Lesbians Jackie & Sandra!

Dressed in black heels, black stockings, and beige girdles, Sandra and Jackie stand face to face as Ben binds them with leather straps to the sturdy poles behind them. First their ankles and beneath their knees, followed by straps beneath their breasts and over their chests bind the beauties. This is all done timelapse style, and when the full video begins, the final touch is leather straps cinched tightly as cleave gags in their mouths! Ben steps away, leaving the bound beauties to struggle as they stare into each other’s eyes and test their ties. They grunt and groan, wiggling in their girdles, and the camera gets nice and close in a variety of angles for you to enjoy. With their breasts pressed against each other, their girdled thighs grazing, and their gags gaping their mouths, you’ll love being able to gaze at this sensual sight! After a while of strained struggling, Ben returns to remove the impromptu gags, and the ladies giggle before finally enjoying an intimate kiss. Their lips lock in between laughs and giggles, lingering in the moment. Moaning softly, they tease and taste the other, the confines of their ties making the closeness so much more erotic! They touch tongues in between kisses, teasing and tasting for several long moments. Laughing and nuzzling, the camera fades to black on the bound lesbian beauties.

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