3272 Sandra Silvers & Carissa Dumonde

10:49 video

June 6, 2024
Librarians Late Night Shift Shock, Surprised by Brutish Burglar!

Satin bloused and pencil skirted Librarians Carissa and Sandra sit cross legged, rope connecting their chest to their ankles, and their wrists bound behind their backs. As the secretaries sit there, helpless and bound, a business-like broad shouldered brute enters the room. Without a word, he shoves wads of cloth into their mouths, followed by a wrap around gag! He walks out, and alone in the office Sandra and Carissa work on their escape. They squirm, shifting this way and that in their ties until they eventually end up back to back, and able to untie one another’s wrists. With their hands free, they help one another untie the rest of their bodies! A dropped rope here, a dropped rope there, the two work in tandem to release themselves from their ties. As they work, watch them wiggle into a variety of different angles as they desperately attempt their escape! Carissa’s heel slides off as they help each other, and Sandra’s skirt shimmies up - giving you a glimpse up at her pantyhose. The damsels are dishevelled as they work with determination, and it's delightful to see as they struggle with the ropes. With gags being removed as the final remnants, they are finally free and hurry off screen to find help.

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