3276 Sandra Silvers & Zonah Bellum

13:12 video

June 15, 2024
Sandra and Zonah Eagerly Combine Efforts To Escape Their Restrictive Ropes In Hopes Of Rescue from their New York High Rise Apartment!

Dressed in comfy tights and long sleeves, damsels Sandra Silvers and Zonah Bellum are already struggling in strict binds! Ankles, just under the knees, around the thighs, chest, and wrists are all tightly tied with rope - complete with crotch ropes and cleave gags! The two face each other, trying to escape, before sliding to the floor in their struggles. Wiggling their feet, grunting behind the gag…it seems like help is hopeless! They turn on their stomachs, then their sides, desperately trying to escape the ties, before realizing that the ropes can be removed! With difficulty, damsels Zonah and Sandra undo one another’s wrists, eventually succeeding. The rest of their bound bodies still need their combined attention, though! Once wrists are completed, Sandra helps undo Zonah’s chest tie, then Zonah returns the favor by untying Sandra’s bound ankles. Bit by bit they undo each other’s binds, doing their best to work quickly before their captor returns! It’s difficult to do, and their murmurs and grunts are muffled behind the thick white cleave gag wedged in their mouths. As fast as they can they undo the ropes, even wobbling to the floor and rolling around slightly in their eager efforts of escape! Watch the two in a variety of positions as they wiggle and squirm their way out of the ropes… before running out of the room for rescue!

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