3278 Sandra Silvers & Catherine Sterling

11:45 video

June 20, 2024
Sandra Silvers keeps Catherine Sterling her Bound and Gagged Prisoner, Teaching her Tardy Cabin-Mate a Lesson, as their Cruise Ship Sails into the Night!

Taking way too long to get ready for an evening of cocktails and fine dining, lovely yet tardy Catherine is surprised when she's grabbed by her cabin mate; the spectacular sonsie socialite Sandra Silvers! Both ladies wearing sexy figure hugging cocktail dresses, nylons and heels. Ms Silvers hustles her captive into the sea-view balcony room, hand-gagged to keep her quiet. Once inside, Catherine is cleave-gagged and has her hands tied behind her, and Sandra continues to dominate the slim cutie, groping her small breasts through her dress, placing a hand over the top of her gag. Then, pushed onto the sofa, she has her shoes removed and her feet bound, prior to some light sole-spanking...

The buxom bad girl next flips Catherine onto her front, all the better to give her pert bottom a little spank. The bound beauty squeals and squirms, as she is subjected to more hand-gagging, more groping, more spanking. Sandra then puts the captive into a hog-tie, and briefly leaves her alone to struggle. After a while she returns, teasing Catherine with a kiss on her gagged lips, before departing again, leaving Cat Sterling to try and escape to join her girlfriend, or be found by room service for the turn down service, or wait in the hope Sandra will have more tied up treats for her damsel debutante later on...

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