2730 Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte and Caroline Pierce

9:05 video

November 4, 2021
Sandra Silvers in the 25th Century – Episode 3 – Transported in Space Vehicle Bondage Spandex Suited, Corseted MILF Damsels Attempt to Escape Steel Shackles & Chains!

The year is 1992 and NASA launches the first of America's deep space exploration vessels. After collision with a rogue asteroid Captain Sandra Silvers and her ship are blown out of their trajectory, crashing into an ice moon of Jupiter, freezing her life support systems, until she was found and returned to Earth… 500 years later.

A 20th century astronaut emerges out of 500 years of suspended animation into a future time where Earth is threatened by alien invaders. In Episode 3 Captain Sandra Silvers finds herself speeding through the Universe in a spaceship bound for a distant galaxy. Next to the corset bound Captain lays Princess Cardala, and the Space Pirate who was double crossed by their hostage holder during a slave sale of her bagged bounty. Each spandex bound damsel has steel cuffs at her ankles and shackles at her knees, chained to the vehicle’s interior and one another. The trio lay limp, slowly coming to find themselves in their unexpected intergalactic predicament. While the Space Pirate remains deep in dreams, unaware of the struggles at her side of the curvaceous Captain Silvers and her adversary Princess Cardala, as the pair in peril team up to escape their locked bonds and overpower the shuttle’s pilfering pilot, before it’s too late!
See how Captain Sandra Silvers, Princess Cardala and the Space Pirate came to be in this predicament in Episode 2

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