3248 Sandra Silvers, Ami Mercury & Catherine Sterling

15:51 video

April 27, 2024
Frozen Superheroines FreeDomme & UnionJane Fitted Into Mummification Machine By The Evil MissFyre! Episode 2 of a 2 Part Custom Video!

Our poor Heroines are plunged further into peril as we meet them again, exhausted from their orgasm ordeal in Part One! This episode opens with Freedomme (Sandra Silvers) fitted into a devious looking metal device as she stares blankly ahead - the laser collar around her neck. Union Jane (Catherine Sterling)  lays nearby, also wearing a laser collar and staring off into the distance, frozen for her impending fate. The collar is then removed, allowing MissFyre (Ami Mercury) to gloat with glee as Freedomme unfreezes and tries her best to escape. The machine is activated, beginning it’s work… mummifying vexed, vixen-ly voluptuous, victim Freedomme in black shiny tape! It whirs, covering her ankles, up her legs, and over her chest like some sort of scientific spider weaving a web. Her body encased, MissFyre’s henchman hauls Freedomme away - and now it’s Union Jane’s turn! MissFyre decides to keep the fun going. Taking the laser collar off of her, who tries to squirm away as the machine begins to weave its shiny black tape around her. Round and round the tape goes, fettered filly Union Jane’s begging muffled by her ball gag. That completed, the henchman hauls her away, and the laser collar is placed once more on Union Jane. MissFyre does love to tease her captive heroes in the worst way! The scene goes black, then opens to MissFyre lounging on a couch and our two heroes conscious, completely bound in black tape, and standing on top of a wooden platform! MissFyre delights in watching them whimper and squirm, unable to go anywhere with how tightly wrapped they are! “There seems to be an available space,” MissFyre muses as her henchman walks in. Suddenly MissFyre’s henchman puts a hand over her mouth and hauls MissFyre into the machine, too! MissFyre is mad, writhing and wriggling as the machine wraps its shiny black tape around its maker until she too is just as helpless as her heroes! With all three women lined up next to each other on the platform, tightly mummified and pleading, the henchman has the perfect view of his new trophy cosplay collection…

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